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Our first priority is our corporate clients. We have found that almost every corporate office uses at least a number of vehicles and these vehicles are of different types. They need to use vehicles for various purposes. As they use lots of vehicles they need to manage their fleet, locate them properly, keep their record of route, mileage, average speed, information regarding whether they have reached their destination or not, real time location, etc. for the ease of transport management. This responsibility of keeping all these information in one hand are really like a burden for one person to manage. Besides, lots of features that we have is not that much important for an individual client. It is proven from our existing corporate clients that our platform has so many useful features that truly release the pressure and hassle for the department assigned with transport management. We have devoted all our endeavors to develop a user-friendly Mobile Application for both Android and IOS operating systems. This App can do all these tasks for our clients smoothly! You can also do it on your personal computer. You just need to go and login by using your user ID and password.

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