Nowadays electronic drones are a common gadget for taking some extraordinary shots from the sky. There are lots of drones available in the marketplace now making it possible for almost everyone to own one thyself. All you would need is a bit of saving & you can own yourself. But keeping it in your possession is another story. For your drone can be fallen in a haphazard situation and you may never find it again.

Luckily you have Easytrax to assist you. One can think trackers are too expensive to buy but the service is not that important for drones. But there is always a range to control a drone with a remote. If your drone goes outside the range then your expensive drone may be lost forever. So it is very important to save your drone and consider its safety first.

For this safety here Easytrax introduces a device whose name is Drone Tracker.Drone Tracker is an AUTONOMOUS personal tracker with (GNSS, GSM, and Bluetooth connectivity).You can access Drone Tracker very easily and attach it whenever you like. Drone Tracker is easy to access your drone with this small tracker. Just plug and play. The brand name is SIMREX. Though Drone Tracker is a popular brand in the internet marketplace. You may google Drone Tracker to know about its popularity.

Drone Tracker has an attractive color combination. The charging voltage is 5 Volt DC which is perfect for plugging in the change line. Drone Tracker is able to fix short circuit problems in the time of overcharging. So, your device will be safe from extra voltage. Video resolution is totally cool. You will get an HD quality preview and be able to shoot from the sky smoothly. You will get an 800 mAH Li-Ion battery that is so powerful. If you charge one time then Drone Tracker may give you a long-lasting couple of days. Battery cells are lithium, that’s why you don’t need to worry about charging issues.

Drone Tracker has a strong receiver that has 33 channels which means you can access it from 33 channels Drone Tracker has a strong frequency so that you don’t need to worry about listing your drone. Your drone will be safe from loss. Because when your drone will be out of range of your drone remote and if you added Drone Tracker then you will get access to know where your drone falls down. By accessing your device you can go in the direction of Drone Tracker.

Tracking sensitivity is too strong, it approximately -165 dBm. With this tracking sensitivity, you can manage your drone very easily. Because when tracking sensitivity is strong you can control your drone with just one click. Other brands may not be able to have this option. That’s why the Drone Tracker is useful to all kinds of drones. There are lots of GNSS services like GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, SBAS, QZSS, DGPS.You will get almost everything from this device. Drone Tracker has a GPRS command. You can simply access Drone Tracker on your smartphone. The weight of the Drone Tracker is so light which is 40 g. That’s why a medium-size or a small size drone can easily bear it. Drone Tracker has a perfect combination of attaching systems. Your drone can be broken but Drone Tracker will remain safe for its lightweight.

It has an awesome time sync device that has GPS, NITZ, NTPsupported. Drone Tracker has an IP67 system which means it protects from solid objects and water. Drone Tracker has the ability to survive in a hostile environment. It has a Bluetooth and low energy sensor which means your battery power will not be destroyed. Drone Tracker gives you a long period of durability. Drone Tracker has an alarm button system. If it shows any dangerous situation then it will give a signal automatically. Then I will be able to realize how many bad conditions there are. You can manage a Drone Tracker after getting such a kind of alarm.

It has man-down features and sensors. It detects if you fall in from the upper side. Moreover, I assure you that you will never deceive buying this Drone Tracker product. This device made not only drones but much necessary work to be done. Such as you can control your pet, your employee, your beloved person. You can see where they are going and many more.

It also comes with an adjustable strap so that you can attach and remove it with ease. And if you have multiple drones, you would need only one tracker. You can easily attach and remove it from one drone to another.

Below I am going to show you what kind of materials you will get by buying the Drone Tracker. It will be very easy for you to see at a glance its features. Though Drone Tracker has cool features and service. You may have seen all the information about Drone Tracker below which I have already described before.

Features of Easytrax Drone Rescue GPS device

  • Live tracking
  • Location History
  • Drop Alert
  • Constant push notifications on mobile
  • High capacity lithium battery
  • Live data transmission
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Weight: 40 grams

You may check the website ( to know more about the pricing. So, what makes you delay buying Drone Tracker? If you really need a good one for saving your drone from loss then you should obviously invest in this product. Drones are sensitive and usually a product of your passion. It may lose its control easily and your beloved drone can be lost which is miserable to bear. That’s why its wise for you to invest in this Drone Trackernd never lose your drone.

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