Easytrax Reconnection Terms and Conditions

If any Easytrax customer has 1 Month overdue Invoice or Expired devices, Easytrax will temporarily suspend the device from the platform and the associated sim card until the next payment. Customers can also suspend their specific device for a specific time by providing prior notice to
Easytrax through support@easytrax.com.bd or our Hotline # 09606667788.
– Suspension refers to stop service temporarily for a specific vehicle/device for
a specific time.
– One-time Charge is Applicable for Re-Activating the service including
reconnection to tracking platform and reactivation of sim card.

Charges for reconnection are as follows:

Duration Charge in BDT
Less than 30 Days Free
1-3 Months Tk. 100
3-6 Months Tk. 300
6 Months or Above Tk. 500

Special Notes:

It will take 3-5 working days for re-activating the service.

No discounts applicable for reconnection charge.