How It Works

Here’s how our field sales representative management solution can help you grow your business:

Tools and Actionable Data That Help You Excel


Easytrax’s field sales representative management system is the one-stop solution for all your workforce monitoring and management needs. Our solutions have been deployed by businesses of all sizes and types. Here are the main benefits of using our system:


Our system allows sales representatives to send SOS messages. Photos, location data, etc.

Ease Of Use

Your employees can easily log in to the system to verify customer visits. They can also verify the details using a QR code or RFID.

Customer Retention

Increase the customer retention rate by providing them with features like accurate ETAs, live tracking, etc.


Our system allows you to monitor the vehicle speed, idling, seat belt use, etc., enhancing fleet and driver safety.

45.67 %

Mobile medical units tracked.

65.47 %

Decrease in the spoilage of drugs and medicine.

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