Our Advanced Transportation System and FLEET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE can automate your transportation management problems at your organization.

  • Manage Vendor Management, Fuel Management, Inventory Management
  • Manage Vehicle Profiles and Vehicle Lo
  • Manage Workshop Management, Vehicle Inspection, Accidental log
  • Fixed Budget for Maintenance
  • Build Maintenance Calendar
  • Track Your Vehicles in Real Time


Vehicle Log

This category shows trip information, accurate meter reading, vehicle meter history, travelers detailed information, project information, driver’s allowance & overtime entry.

Fuel Management

If users want to check on fuel history, manage fuel cards (visa fuel cards & membership cards), track fuel status & monitor system for efficient fuel usage.

Inventory Management

Users would be able to manage inventory in terms of vehicle parts list information, bulk manage parts & purchase orders. Moreover, you will have options for spare parts management and track parts as per vehicle which helps to manage cost and stock of all the parts.

Vendor Management

Vendor management consists of all the workshop directory while maintaining all the enlisted workshops nationwide, car rental directory, control all the external maintenance provider costs, paperless/digital quotation & billing management.

Transport Management System Made Easy with FLEET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE