GPS tracking (Global position system tracking) is the inspection of location by the use of the satellites to locate the exact position of an object remotely. GPS locator can pinpoint the exact location of the device along with the longitude, latitude and the velocity of the device. For the detection of the location, target position, velocity, time, and acceleration or deceleration, a GPS uses the Global Navigation Satelliting system and this system is aided with a number of satellites that transmit the radio waves to antennas present on the Earth, these signals are changed into real-time information to find out our required location.

Track Vehicles on Smartphone, iPhone

GPS navigation technology was changed into tracking systems by the mid of 2000. This change occurred due to the improvement in connections between machine to machine communications (M2M). GPS technology was made public in 1996 (when Bill Clinton changed the policy regarding the use of GPS) but with the insertion of Mobile phones and smart devices in this technology, it has become more popular and widely usable. It can be placed in a vehicle, on Mobile Phone or any special device. 

At the start of this technology, it was very exorbitant for every vehicle to use and enable a GPS tracking set to accurately track a vehicle. The firms which were coming up with this service were required to pay a big amount to utilize the satellites for the tracking system and therefore, it was overpriced at the beginning. Thus, It took sufficient time to overcome this problem and to use this idea for the service of the vehicle industry. GPS was a great invention and revolution in the world of technology. It has changed our lifestyle and now is saving us from several difficulties.

How it Works:

The process of GPS tracking is based on a principle of mathematics known as trilateration. This mathematical operation is completed by at least four satellites that are connected with GPS receiver and each satellite estimate one type of information such as longitude, latitude, height and time. The receiver determines the position and location of a certain point through the information provided by the satellite.

GPS tracking is aided with 27 satellites revolving around the earth connected with the antennas on the Earth. Out of 27, twenty-four remain functional at a time and three are spare and are used in case of any emergency when others fail to do their work properly. These satellites locate the exact position of the device with which it is connected and transmit this information in the form of radio waves to the antennas present on the Earth. Through the use of software and applications, the information is transcoded in the real view which includes pinpointing on the map, target location with moving the cursor with the change in position of the device, longitude and the latitude of the device. For most devices, GPS tracker has the accuracy from 100 to 10 meters. This technology was made precise and accurate with the help of sensor parameters and cloud-based technology.

There is a little bit difference between a simple GPS tracker and a vehicle navigator. Vehicle navigation gives you the information about your location and the target direction while the GPS tracker notes down the driving habits and transmits the location in real-time.

GPS tracking is very valuable for military, police and firefighters and large courier businesses. Most of them are using AVL systems known as automatic vehicle locators. This system is generally connected with a group of vehicles in which GPS receiver or modem is inserted along with a GPS antenna. GPS antenna is used to receive and retain the signal from the satellites and translate them into the required information.

Using Tracking Technology with Taxi, Car

Uses of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is used to locate the vehicle, track the path of drone flight, find lost business shipment, and locate the children and pets, etc. The current era of modernization has brought us this wonderful gift to ensure the safety of our dear ones as well as properties.

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