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Easytrax provides businesses with tools and actionable data. This prevents them from operating in the dark. Businesses of various types and sizes are using our solutions. Come and embrace these if you want to mug up higher profits, greater scalability, and enjoy efficient operations.

Live Tracking

Have a better knowledge about your crew’s whereabouts and pick routes by using our highly efficient live tracking solutions.

Route Optimization

Take advantage of our route optimization feature and pick the best routes with all desired points in them. This will make the operation more compact while keeping fuel costs low, saving you more time, money, and energy.

Expense Management

Recognize on-the-road expenses and process compensations without a hassle.

Complete Transparency

Get better insights into your crew’s performance with the help of proof of services, MDVR, and customer reviews.

55.56 %

Reduction in Crew Idling

85.33 %

Boost in On-time Task Accomplishment

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