DFM D differential fuel flow meter

DFM D differential fuel flow meter

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DFM D differential fuel flow meter is designed for diesel fuel consumption measurement in fuel lines of vehicles and stationary engines, and is used as part of GPS vehicle tracking system. In addition, DFM D registers working time of engine in various modes of operation. DFM D is used for consumption monitoring of:

  • diesel fuel;
  • heating oil;
  • other types of liquid fuel with a kinematic viscosity of 1.5 to 6 mm2/ s.

DFM D fuel flow meters, which re equipped with display, are used as a stand-alone (autonomous) solution for accounting fuel consumption, not requiring any connection to a web-server. DFM D are more suitable for modern engines (Common rail or pump injector fuel systems) of vehicles and stationary units.


Connecting thread M14x1.5
Nominal pressure, bar 2
MAX pressure, bar 25
Supply voltage, V 10-50
Overvoltage protection, V ≤100
Current consumption, mA (24 V/12 V), mA 25 / 50
Operating temperature, (without/with display), °C -40..+80/
Ingress Protection Rating IP54
Relative accuracy error per chamber, %, not more than 1



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