DFM Marine Flow meter for heavy machinery

DFM Marine Flow meter for heavy machinery

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DFM Marine is used in telematics systems (GPS tracking systems) and as an autonomous fuel monitoring solution. DFM Marine is installed in fuel line of the engine / boiler / burner, directly measures fuel consumption and generates an output signal, which is sent to telematics unit (GPS tracker).

DFM Marine diagnostics function allows to evaluate performance of the flowmeter and applicability of DFM Marine settings to fuel system operation parameters. In “Diagnostics” menu, a chart of instant fuel consumption is available, as well as fuel temperature in the chamber, self-diagnostics codes of flow meter, Journal of logged Events – “Power on/off”, switching to “Tampering” and “Interference” oepration modes.

DFM Marine is configured with Service S6 DFM software available for PC. It is possible to adjust the following settings of DFM Marine:

  • Boundaries of operation modes – “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload”, “Tampering”, “Interference;
  • correction and temperature correction coefficient
  • units of measurement (Metric/US)

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