Electronic Monitoring Solution: Safety, Reliable, Durable

Electronic Monitoring Solution: Safety, Reliable, Durable

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With GPS/WIFI/LBS/BT high precise positioning, multi-sensor tampering detection and industry-leading battery life, JIMI AM01 lite ankle bracelet helps ensure the highest level of security in the monitoring industry.

The comfort and reliability that is designed into the anti-tamper silicone conductive strap of Jimi AM01 lite allow for skin-friendly and unbreakable.

Solution Architecture

Anti-Tamper Conductive Silicone Strap

Multi-Sensor Tampering Alert

Extremely cut-resistant with built-in flexible stainless steel sheet. If offenders remove the tracking device, police officers will be immediately alerted and could arrest the person.

Anti-broken sensor

Belt on/off detector

Vibration alert

Industry-Leading Battery Life

Jimi’s ankle bracelet AM01 lite has the industry’s best battery life lasting a full 70 hours and charging by the magnetic suction charger.

Work time >70 hours( 1 position per 10s)

3500mAh ultra-large battery

Real-Time Tracking


GPS/LBS/WiFi/BT precise positioning


Geo-fence for restricted activity area


Loss of location alert

BT Base Station For Indoor Positioning


Body Temperature Measurement (Optional)

It is now possible to fit a vital sign sensor to ankle bracelet for quarantined offenders. The wearable electronic anklet can continuously monitor their body temperature, as well as their whereabouts and physical condition, around the clock.

Report body temperature regularly

Abnormal vital signs alert

Location GPS, Wi-Fi, LBS,Bluetooth
Dimension 96 (h) x 58 (w) x 28(d)mm(not included strap )
Weight ≈200g
Battery 3500mAh
BT Support
Strap Anti-tamper, adjustable conductive silicone strap
Lock Metal buckle, special screws
Alerts Belt on/off alert, geo-fence, offline alert, vibration alert, low battery alert, abnormal temperature alert(optional).
Charging type 4 Pins magnetic suction charger
Alert decibel >=86dB(A)
SIM card type Miro-SIM
Waterproof IP68
Work temperature -20~60℃




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