GNOM S7 Wireless axle load sensor for air suspension

GNOM S7 Wireless axle load sensor for air suspension

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Wireless pressure sensor GNOM DDE S7 is used in transport telematics systems (GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems) to monitor axle loads, determine the axle load in vehicles equipped with air suspension, prevent exceeding axle loads.

Technical specifications

Method of pressure measurement Piezoresistive
Pressure measurement range, MPa 0,1…1,4
Allowed tolerance of reducial error of pressure measurement, %, not more than ±1,0
Wireless data transfer interface Bluetooth 4.1
Transmitter power (Tx Power), dBm +4
 Transmitter sensitivity (Rx Power), dBm -88
Maximum distance between sensor and receiving device, m 20 (in case there are metal partitions) 50 (in conditions of direct visibility)
Number of BLE-compatible device receiving signal simultaneously Any number in GNOM DDE S7 transmitter’s operation rang
Data transfer interval, s 5
Estimated lifetime of the sensor (battery life), years up to 5*
Temperature range, °C -40…+80
Ingress protection rating IP67
Certificates of BLE module electromagnetic compatibility CE, FCC и IC, TELEC, BQE
Connection thread М16х1,5
Weight, g, not more than 0,15
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than 112×42
* Depending on ambient temperature and humidity.
** Using the adapter nut from the mounting kit GNOM MK DDE1.



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