GS22 4G WanWayTech Car GPS Tracker

GS22 4G WanWayTech Car GPS Tracker

Sold By: Easytrax World



Real-time Tracking update position every 10 seconds with continuos tracking.
4G Technology 2G/3G/4G various network optional
Wifi Connection wifi connection supported
Trace Playback check the history trace of your vehicle to help you find useful information.
Mileage Report it can help you to know how far you drive.
Rapid Acceleration/Deceleration Alarm detect bad driving behaviors such as rapid acceleration and deceleration
Vehicle Malfunction Diagnostics read vehicle fault data and feed it back to the platform
Fuel Detection detect vehicle fuel consumption
Over-speed Alarm when your speed is over what you set, it will send alarm to remind you keep safe.
Geo-fence Alarm users can set a range of geo-fence on map with circle, polygon or customzie shape, and it will alarm when the device gets in or

out of presetted range via APP or SMS.

Smart Plug and Play easy to install with 16 pins to connect vehicle obd port.
Platform/APP/SMS Checking various methods like platform, app, sms to check asset status.



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