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Easytrax Lock n Shield

৳ 3,000.00

5 in stock

✅ Built in immobilizer system
✅ After Turn off bike, Motorcycle will Lock auto after 3 secs
✅ Automatically unlock when you come near to the bike
✅ Loud alarm will siren if somebody touch the bike
✅ With Finder option you can find your Motorcycle easily among thousand bikes.
✅ Motorcycle can be locked and mute while at prayer room or meeting.
✅ 24 hours notification light.
✅ Key ring will alarm & vibrate
✅ Safety fuse
✅ Lock has built in indicator turn alert sound.
✅ Easy to Install within 15-30 mins based on Motor Bike Model
✅ Anti Theft Feature

No Monthly Charge + 500 Tk Installation Charge Applicable within Dhaka City (Mirpur DOHS Easytrax Office : Free)


Once payment is done, our team will call you to confirm on : Installation location.

Option A – If you prefer to install the tracking device on your own, we will ship the product to your address. Guideline to install the GPS tracker can be on our website or we will connect you with our Installation team during installation.

Option B – If you opt for free installation at EASYTRAX Head Office (Mirpur DOHS), we will schedule a slot for installation. Our location is here: https://g.page/easytrax?share

Option C – If you wish for installation to be done at your place, we will provide you with a quotation for on-site installation. Payment for on-site installation is to be done before the installation date. Direct Payment Link : https://pay.easytrax.com.bd

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