TSGB01 Bicycle GPS Tracker

TSGB01 Bicycle GPS Tracker

Sold By: Easytrax World


Main Functions: 

1. Stereo HI-FI speaker;

2. Auto Music Volume setting while Speed changing 2. MP3/Bluetooth player selection

3. Hand-free phone

4. Online GPS tracking

5. Electronic compass

6. Remote Disable motor function

7. Receive and showing e-Message on the LCD

8. Time, Date and Alarm clock function

9. Real time ambient temperature detection

10. Real time altitude detection

11. Remote e-bike diagnosis

12. Local diagnosis show on LCD

13. Check latitude and longitude on LCD

14. Touch keyboard instead of traditional mechanical keyboard to extend service life of the keyboard and good waterproof;

15. Trip Riding time and History Riding time report

16. Trip Odometer and History Odometer report

17. Max speed and average speed report

18. Rechargeable Battery : 2200mA

19. Voltage :5V



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