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Fleet Management and Tracking for the Truck Industry

It can be disastrous to transfer goods from one spot to another when proper management is lacking. We have years of experience in handling carrier tracking systems and we give you ultimate control over expected as well as unpredictable challenges! We provide advanced tools for planning optimized routes while reducing operational expenses.

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Key Advantages

Whether you want to keep an eye on driver behaviours, monitor fuel levels, or your high-value asset—everything will be under control with the help of these tools.

Expert Drivers

You can record every second of road time and keep an eye on your drivers’ behaviour with dashcam integration.

Reduced Unauthorized Actions

Get alerts for route deviation and unauthorized stoppages. By using e-locks, protect high-value cargo.

Prevention of Fuel Thefts

You can get actionable data for the unusual drops in fuel levels. Lower the transportation expenses by preventing fuel thefts.

Uptime Increase

Servicing our vehicle regularly can increase its uptime while preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Cutting-edge Features

Traits that help us stand out from the rest:


Are you having problems with your valuable cargo which is in transit? Beat the anxiety with E-locks. It will protect your valuables with violations for tampering or unauthorized access. E-locks will reinforce the safety of your commodities—from the beginning to the end!

Dashcams/MDVR Integration

With the help of live streaming, boost the overall safety of your drivers and fleets. Install in-fleet dash cams, rear-view, and side-view cameras in your truck. This will help you get a holistic view of your fleets as well as drivers.

Optimization of Routes

Getting commodities into warehouses or distribution hubs at the right time is crucial. And our route optimization module will help you accomplish this. With this, you can access the most efficient and practical route. This will prevent your truck from getting stuck with long detours or in traffic-jammed lanes.

Fuel Management Module

Fuel expenses take up about 33% of the entire fleet operational expense. However, proper fuel management and precise monitoring can help you reduce these costs. You can incorporate fuel sensors and set violations for theft and idling. This will let you prevent drivers from wasting fuel and your fuel expenses will reduce dramatically as well.

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Let us check out how different businesses in this industry are using our platform to mug up increased productivity and bigger profits!

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