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Transport Management System Vivacom Solutions
What is TMS?

Our Advanced Transportation System can automate your transportation management problems at your organization.

  • Once you give all the data the system needs, you employee can submit a requisition for a vehicle needed for a purpose for a particular time range.
  • You can approve and assign a vehicle/transportation for him with our seamless automated system.


Transportation Requisition Hierarchy

With our system’s hierarchy system, once an employee requisite for a Transportation, a Supervisor has to review it and finally Transport Manager has to approve the requisition.

TMS Requisition Hierarchy
Customize Transport Requisition TMS System
Customizable Transport Requisition

While making a new Transport Requisition, an employee an employee has various options for his need. He can chose time-frame, purpose, vehicle type, number of persons, destination, reporting person information and more.

Supervisor’s Approval

After a requisition is submitted, a Supervisor can view and approve the requisition, and as well as add note.

Supervisors Approval Transport Management System
Transport Managers Approval TMS System Vivacom
Transport Manager’s Approval & Vehicle/Driver Allocation

After supervisor approves a requisition, Transport Manager is the final man to allocate Vehicle, Driver and finalize the requisition.

Mobile App

Transport Management System Made Easy with TMS

Transport Management System Android and iOS App