Why CNG Three Wheeler owners need GPS Tracking Devices

There are many individuals that have the local CNG rent business in Bangladesh. Most of the locals prefer to travel through the CNG because it is economical and fast. The business owner will give the CNG to different people on rent to generate a profit. However, some of the business owners have complained that their CNG have been stolen by the people who rented it. Get Easytrax GPS trackers installed in your CNG. Here are some of the amazing features you will find in the product.

Know the exact location of your vehicle

With Easytrax Vehicle Tracking Service, you will know the exact location of the vehicle. It will help you record the entire journey so that you will know the number of stops the driver took and whether he will try to go into the restricted regions or not. In case he tried to break the rules without informing, you will be warned to never rent your CNG to the same person again.

Quick location sharing

One of the biggest attractions of Easytrax GPS Tracking software is that it will provide you the facility to share the location of your vehicle with your friends. In this way, if someone is trying to steal your vehicle you can easily catch them red-handed. You can generate the browser history as well related to the location of your vehicle and use it as a proof in case some of trying to deny the act.

Control the engine from anywhere

Easytrax GPS tracker has been developed with the latest technology that will allow you to shut down the engine of the vehicle. Whether it is CNG or patrol engine your can shut it off as soon as you notice that the vehicle is getting out of the control line. The driver will not be able to start the vehicle until you will allow the engine to start from your mobile application. Easytrax is BTRC  and Govt approved and legal.

Geofence and speed alert

Manufactured with the Anti theft technology it will provide you the live location of the areas where your vehicle entered and exit. With the Geofence feature, you can also know the speed at which driver is driving. In case the speed is beyond limit you can ask the driver to slow down the vehicle. You can even generate reports related to the performance of all your vehicles.

Benefits of using Easytrax GPS tracker

With Easytrax GPS tracker, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Engine shutdown will provide you the facility to protect your vehicle from any kind of theft
  2. It will be easier for you to manage the speed of the vehicle so that you will not get a traffic ticket
  3. It will help in reduction of fuel and management cost
  4. The efficiency of your work will improve that will help you generate more profit
  5. You can provide better customer service that will help you attract more clients

Easytrax Low cost GPS tracker will be the perfect solution for fleet management. You will be able to keep an eye on all your three wheeler CNG at an affordable rate. It will help you eliminate the overtime and reduce the labor cost.

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