Why we use GPS tracker with 3G network?

Those who start using GPS tracker know the benefit on smoothing daily work. Now GPS Device in Bangladesh  is operating with 2G connectivity, however, 3G connectivity is the new application in GPS tracking.

What is the difference between 2G and 3G?   Let’s check the following parameter: the speed of data transmission in a device using 2G network is less than 50,000 bits per second (reported by Enginners Garage). And the speed of 3G network is over 4 million bits per second. So does that mean the speed is the difference between them? Then why i should use GPS tracker with 3G? the cost of 3G is much higher than 2G, It is worth?  Of course it is worthy.

Functions: 3G WCDMA/UMTS Support Real-time position inquire ,2 way voice communication.Voice monitoring.Vehicle trip history on web.SOS alarm.ACC switch alarm.Geo-fence alarm.External power cut off alarm.Remote cut off fuel/power.Vehicle towing alarm.Over-speed alarm.Backup battery low power alarm.Car battery low power alarm.High temperature alarm.Power saving mode.Mileage report.Advantages.


As we all know, network is not a stable thing, many things can affect the stability , and lower speed will make tracker operation be make worse.  For example. theft tows the car away while it is parking . You should get movement alert. but that will not happen. Bangladesh GPS Device take longer time to transfer alert data to system.  When network is unstable and the transfer interrupted, no data will be sent to system, also no alert sends to you. The result is that client lose the car and you lose the business. 3G connectivity, which is 80 times faster than 2G, is able to complete data transfer before network is down. You can get complete data, all operation will be done as in schedule.  No case like getting online offline time after time, no response, etc.  Further more, 3G network allows GPS tracker to get higher update, shorter time interval,  reports with full details for vehicle maintenance, driver’s analytic, etc. Video tracking lifts GPS tracking make a new level .

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