Winter Driving: Stay Safe This Season


Its almost the end of the year. The weather is also changing. Winter is knocking at the door. Winter is a very enjoyable season but besides enjoying we have to be careful about a few things. Most importantly about driving. We cannot drive in the winter season like another season.


We should follow some tips to drive safely in winter because of fog and low temperatures. So we should drive safely so that we can be safe from any kind of incident.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while driving the foggy roads:


Equip your vehicle with an outside thermometer. If you are not driving a vehicle that already has an outside thermometer. Go to the hardware store, auto parts store, and pick one up. They are not very expensive and you can put them in your vehicle and these will help you to navigate the dangers of winter driving.


This is the most important tip about winter driving. Clear the windows and lights on your vehicle completely before leaving. Make sure you clean the vehicle so you can be seen and other people can see you when you turn on your lights and communicate to them that you, in fact, are turning and have your lights on and they can see you approaching.


It is a smart decision to invest in fog lights for winter driving. We have seen fogs so dense in the past that we could hardly see something in a mere 10 ft distance during the day time. Which then becomes impossible to drive at dark nights. Fog lights powerful light beam will surely help to see what lies ahead of you.


Make sure the windshield washer fluid is topped up. We have all been out on the roadway and get behind other vehicles and the spray coming off the other vehicles and there is not enough water to just quite make the windshield clean. And on that note as well, not only top up the windshield washer fluid, but also make sure your wiper blades are in good order before you set into winter. That will just make life so much easier.


Deft touches on the primary controls like the throttle, the brake, and the steering wheel. And when I say deft touch-little, gentle movements on these primary controls. Because any overuse of the primary controls is going to cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Remember a locked or spinning wheel always leads. In other words, if the wheels are spinning or locked up, it’s going to go sideways on you. So give lots of times on deft touch. 


Use the primary controls separately when it’s slippery outside. You cannot break or steer at the same time. The primary controls in the wintertime have to be used separately and know as well that all modern vehicles are equipped with ABS(Anti-lock braking systems), that if you come up and its slipper, the ABS is going to activate, and it is going to take you a much longer time to stop the vehicle. So make sure that you brake early and then creep up to where you want to actually stop. That’s what you should do in the wintertime.



Allow your self extra time. we know its wintertime. It’s cold outside, you are in bed and don’t want to come out of your bed. But you still need extra time to stay safe on the road. You need extra time to drive there because it is going to take you longer because you need time to brake, you need to slow down and not drive as fast.


Avoid distractions in the car in the wintertime when the temperature is very low and it’s slippery. Turn off the radio, do not be drinking, do not be eating. Focus on driving. Two hands on the steering wheel, looking way ahead, concentrating on traffic and trying to interpret traffic patterns. So minimize distraction while you are driving in the wintertime.


Increase your following distance. So under ideal conditions, the following distance is 2-3 seconds. But In the wintertime, you might even want to increase that out to 5 seconds if you are driving a car or light truck. That way you got more time to react, more time for deft touch on the controls. So increase your following distance.


Be aware at intersections because you need to start braking early and then creep up to where you want to stop. At busy intersections where lots of traffic and temperature is very low and there is ice or snow on the road at that time, we should drive very carefully.


One of the most important tips is to drive slowly. In the winter the fog is so dense that it hardly can be seen anything on drive slowly and use lights very well to avoid any kind of road accident.

In the end, we can say that not only in the winter season but also always we should drive cautiously. But in winter we should be more careful about our own safety as well as the others on the road.

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