Easytrax Bike Shield GPS Tracker for Motorcycles

Effortlessly track your bike and access all essential data in a modern and unified platform with Easytrax GPS tracker.


Starting Price:

4000 Tk.


Why Our Client Love ‘Easytrax Bike GPS Tracker’

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Maximize the Potential of Your Bike with Easytrax GPS

Unleash the full potential of your bike with Easytrax GPS, empowering you with advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities for an enhanced biking experience. 

Keep Eye On Your Bike With Live Tracking

Instantly monitor your bike using live tracking, ensuring you can keep a close eye on its location and movements at all times.

Get Specific Alert Service

Easytrax_Icon2_5 Ignition Alert

Ignition Alert

Easytrax_Icon2_4 Power Cut Alert

Power Cut Alert

Easytrax_Icon2_2 Engine OnOff Status

Engine On/Off Status

Easytrax_Icon2_8 Speed Reports

Speed Alert

Easytrax GPS Tracker For Your Bike’s Security


Elevate the security of your bike with the reliable Easytrax GPS Tracker. Safeguard your valuable asset by utilizing advanced tracking features that enable real-time monitoring and precise location information. With Easytrax, you can effectively deter theft and enhance the overall security of your bike. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your bike is protected with the trusted Easytrax GPS Tracker.


Key Benefits

Decrease the cost of running your bike by 28%
Reduce re-routing time by up to 70% by tracking in real-time

Why Easytrax?

Easytrax GPS is a user-friendly, Global Position System that allows you to monitor your vehicle movements. The device is waterproof and comes equipped with an app that enables you to control the device to get the real-time location of your vehicle and adjust from your smartphone.

Easytrax_Icon3_1 247 Full Online Customer Support

Online Support

Easytrax_Icon3_2 A Dedicated After Sales

Dedicated After-Sales Service

Easytrax_Icon3_3 World Class Software

Software Development Team

Product & Features


Easytrax Easytrax Bike Shield

4,000 Tk.


300 Tk.

(Monthly Service Charge)


Real-time tracking

The engine on/off status

Internal Battery Backup

Power Cut Alert

Ignition Alert

Geofence Alert

Speed Alert

Engine on/off service

Battery protection: (Power will be saved while the engine is turned off)

Reports: Speed, location, start-end time, total aerial distance, previous route map, Monthly distance report, Detail Summary Report etc.

Are You Ready To Get Started

Upon purchasing a plan from us, the registration process is completed in under five minutes, enabling you to commence vehicle monitoring promptly.