Secure your car and gain peace of mind with EasyTrax, the best GPS tracking solution that provides real-time location updates and advanced anti-theft features. Effortlessly track your car's whereabouts, monitor driving behavior, and receive instant alerts, ensuring optimal security and safety for your vehicle.


Starting Price:

6000 Tk.


Why Our Client Love ‘Easytrax Car GPS Tracker’

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Stay Informed With Activity Notifications Whenever Your Car's Engine Starts or Stops

The versatile car tracking system is well-suited for both personal and business applications, offering a diverse range of features that make monitoring effortless.


Easytrax_Icon2_1 Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Easytrax_Icon2_4 Power Cut Alert

Power Cut Alert

Easytrax_Icon2_2 Engine OnOff Status

Engine On/Off Status

Easytrax_Icon2_5 Ignition Alert

Ignition Alert

Easytrax_Icon2_3 Internal Battery Backup

Internal Battery Backup

Easytrax_Icon2_6 Geofence Alert

Geofence Alert


Easytrax_Icon2_8 Speed Reports

Speed Report

Easytrax_Icon2_10 Monthly Distance Report

Monthly Distance Report

Easytrax_Icon2_7 Total Aerial Distance

Location History Report

Easytrax_Icon2_11 Detail Summary Report And More

Detail Summary Report And More

Easytrax_Icon2_9 Location History Report

Total Aerial Distance

Secure Your Cars With Easytrax GPS Tracking Device


Effortlessly track and monitor both personal and official vehicles with our high-quality Tracking device, without any concerns about excessive costs.

Key Benefits

Know when your vehicle needs repair with vehicle behaviour reports
Find efficient routes to increase productivity by reducing downtime.
Live tracking to know each vehicle stops and ensure safety

Get instant alerts on geofence, overspending, ignition, and more.

Product & Features

Easytrax_Product-Super Safe

Easytrax Super Safe GPS Tracker for Car-Microbus-SUV

6,000 Tk.


500 Tk.

(Monthly Service Charge)

Easytrax_Icon3_1 247 Full Online Customer Support

Online Support

Easytrax_Icon3_2 A Dedicated After Sales

Dedicated After-Sales Service

Easytrax_Icon3_3 World Class Software

Software Development Team

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Upon purchasing a plan from us, the registration process is completed in under five minutes, enabling you to commence vehicle monitoring promptly.