Best GPS tracker for kids in 2024

One of the best GPS trackers for kids can ensure you never have to worry about where your child is. Whether it’s a tag to carry in a pocket or a watch to wear around a wrist, a top tracker can pinpoint your child’s location and alert you when they arrive somewhere safely, whether it’s at a friends house or a trip to the park. And once school’s back in session, a tracker can let you know when they’ve made it to class. Even better, some of the trackers we’ve tested include features that let children send out alerts when there’s an emergency.

Our search for the best GPS trackers favors devices that are easy to operate, especially for younger kids. Other key factors include how comfortable a tracker is to wear and what kind of information is available to parents. We highlight whether a device can let your kids send out alerts to you and other care-givers if they run into trouble. We also look at the ongoing cost of kid trackers — besides what you pay for the tracker itself, you’re usually on the hook for a monthly fee for network connectivity.

Best GPS watch for kids is EasyTrax 4G FA28 KIDS GPS WATCH


Color: Black

Product features

  1. Real-time GPS, WIFI & CELL location

2. Digital Watch 3.Calling (phone book, SOS call button, two way communication)

4. Voice Chat message

5. Video Chat(Optional)

6. Camera function

7. Health pedometer

8. Heart rate & blood pressure

9. Medication reminders & Alarm Clock

10. Night Time power saving mode

11. Sedentary reminder

12. Fall alarm

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