GPS Tracking System for Trucks in Bangladesh

GPS truck tracking system is well known for tracking the object or person in real-time. But nowadays, it not only tracks but also manages and assures the safety of the object. These systems have become an important part of every industry.

Even the trucking industry has welcomed it for the progress of their business. This is important as the trucking industry has a great impact on the World economy. It helps in the transportation of a large amount of raw materials, work processes, and final products. This means it directly plays a major role in the economic growth of its country. So, they need to keep track of all their trucks, their performance, and check consignment delivery.


For precise and efficient car tracking that is both user-friendly and reliable, choosing the finest GPS tracker is essential.

Starting Price:

5000 Tk.

Stay In The Loop With Activity Alerts When The Car’s Engine Start or Stops

The powerful car tracking system is suitable for both your personal use, as well as for business purposes. And that’s pretty easy to monitor with the wide range of features.

Common Vehicle

  • Common vehicles usually undertake shorter trips, primarily on unrestricted roads.
  • The risk exposure is minimal due to the familiarity and brevity of the journeys.
  • Schedules for common vehicles are typically flexible, with fewer regulatory constraints.

Truck Fleet:

  • Truck fleet journeys are characterized by longer and more complex routes, often spanning great distances and crossing borders.
  • These journeys involve multiple stops, such as unloading points and fuel stations.
  • There is a higher level of risk involved for truck fleets, including the driver, vehicle, and cargo.
  • Trucks within a fleet must adhere to specific routes and departure times according to regulations.

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