Top 5 Best GPS Trackers For Cars in 2024

1. Easytrax World

Easytrax is Bangladesh Govt. Approved and Licensed vehicle Tracking Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Easytrax is Bangladesh Govt. Approved and Licensed vehicle Tracking Service Provider by BRTC and a Founder Member vehicle Tracking Service Provider Association of Bangladesh.

Easytrax GPS Tracking always believes in long term relationships with their customer with the best customer experience.

2. Grameenphone Smart Vehicle Tracker 

Grameenphone’s Smart Tracker is a comprehensive GPS solution for both individual vehicles and fleets. This telematics system offers precise vehicle location tracking, driver behavior monitoring, engine diagnostics, and real-time notifications. It employs satellite GPS and GSM communication, supporting various vehicle types. 

With BTRC approval, it ensures high accuracy, nationwide installation, and 24/7 support. The platform is stable with 99.9% uptime, and it comes with a generous extended device replacement warranty of up to 5 years. Notable features include smart geo-fencing, remote engine diagnosis, and audio listening. For pricing details, it’s advisable to contact Grameenphone directly. 

3. Prohori

The Prohori GPS tracker, manufactured by Onnorokom Electronics (ORELCO) and offered by the Bangladesh-based company, Prohori, is a robust vehicle tracking solution. This domestically developed GPS tracker boasts a comprehensive set of features, including live tracking, engine locking/unlocking, geo-fencing, speed violation alerts, and travel history. 

Notably, Prohori offers a unique advantage with its ‘Custom Package’ option, allowing clients to tailor their GPS tracking solution to their specific needs, ensuring they only pay for the features they require. Prohori provides four pre-designed packages with prices ranging from 4,999 BDT to 11,999 BDT, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Payment options are diverse, including credit/debit cards, mobile banking systems, and internet banking.

4. Radiant GPS Tracking Service

Radiant GPS Tracking Service brings its 14-year expertise in GPS tracking, having been founded in 2014. The brand’s commitment to robust features ensures clients can monitor their vehicles in real-time, access detailed information on speed, fuel consumption, and travel history.

Notifications are comprehensive, alerting users to geo-zone entries, speeding incidents, and theft with SOS alarms and remote engine shutdown capabilities. These notifications are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Radiant GPS offers detailed travel history, downloadable reports in various formats, and advanced control features like driver identification.

5. Dupno

Dupno, a subsidiary of the G-Tech Group, specializes in GPS tracking devices for cars, motorbikes, and individuals, emphasizing a commitment to customer satisfaction. Their offerings encompass standard GPS tracking features such as live tracking, engine runtime monitoring, speeding alerts, geo-fencing, route history, real-time notifications, and remote engine control. 

What sets Dupno apart is its ‘Smart Video Tracking’ system, enabling clients to watch live video feeds of their vehicles, both front and rear views, coupled with 24-hour video storage and two-way communication for enhanced security. Prices range from 5,500 BDT for basic car tracking to 25,000 BDT for ‘Smart Video Tracking’ packages. A potential downside could be the additional monthly service charges.

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