Top 5 GPS tracker for a truck in 2024

Top 5 GPS tracker for a truck in 2024

Easytrax World


No matter the size of your fleet, Trimble offers an excellent tool for tracking fleet vehicles in real time so you can make informed decisions. Select from one of three tiers to get the features and functionality you want from your GPS tracker for business vehicles while balancing your budget. See how your drivers are doing with live stats and information. Build efficient routes using the software to lower fuel costs while delivering goods within the time frame you committed to.

Best for: Real time fleet tracking

Special features:

  • Fuel price tracking
  • System alerts
  • Geofencing


  • Maintenance management tools
  • Engine diagnostics and alerts
  • User-friendly
  • Customizable reports

Disadvantages: Occasional issues with customer care

Pricing: Based on features, contract length, and fleet size


Motive has one of the best platforms for driver management, and is dedicated to helping the freight industry improve safety, productivity and profitability. It integrates an electronic GPS for truckers with an electronic logbook so you know where your trucks are at all times. Use the power of AI to automate driver coaching and customize in-house safety scoring. Manage your fleet more efficiently and build better communication with drivers through Motive.

Best for: Driver management

Special features:

  • AI-assisted, real-time safety warnings for drivers
  • Automated driver coaching
  • Virtual geofenced parameters aid in vehicle and cargo theft recovery
  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking and location history records prevent unauthorized vehicle use
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Dashboard view for fleet tracking


  • Improved safety compliance
  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Safer roads
  • Decreased coaching time for safety managers
  • Improved risk management

Disadvantages: Issues with freezing apps or getting stuck in drive mode

Pricing: Free trial; contact Motive for details

Verizon Connect

As part of Verizon Connect’s fleet solutions, Verizon trailer tracking devices can help protect your cargo — and your bottom line. These heavy-duty trailer trackers are ideal for flatbeds, dry vans, tanks and shipping containers. This trailer tracking solution integrates seamlessly into the Verizon Connect modular fleet telematics devices for a customized TMS to suit any fleet.

Best for: Trailer tracking

Special features:

  • Rugged and weather-proof trackers
  • Runs on the Verizon network
  • Trailer utilization optimization
  • Hardwired and battery-powered options


  • Improved on-time delivery
  • Geofence alerts
  • Reduced trailer theft
  • Tracks various trailer types


  • Difficult to cancel membership
  • Outsourced installation

Pricing: Customized with free quote


Azuga’s Fleet GPS tracking software with dash cams improves driver visibility and safety. They report that their system reduces accidents by an average of 38% while improving transit times by 28% and reducing citations by 57%. Azuga’s GPS tracking for business vehicles also features easy installation, a customizable dashboard, and exceptional customer service.

Best for: Small to medium fleets

Special features:

  • Reduced accident rates
  • Customizable dashboard
  • App with a comprehensive fleet overview, including safety, accountability and driver rewards to fleet efficiency
  • In-app messaging


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased fleet safety
  • Customizable reports
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Maintenance and expense tracking
  • No professional installation required
  • Excellent customer support

Disadvantages: Learning curve for creating reports and customizations

Pricing: Contact Azuga for customized pricing


The Vyncs GPS tracker is a U.S.-based product that helps drivers review their vehicle history. The GPS offers real-time tracking and works for personal or fleet GPS management. It also provides alerts about harsh turns and informs drivers of speed limits and idling times.

Best for: No-subscription tracking

Special features:

  • Roadside assistance if you get Vyncs Premium
  • Geofencing
  • Track others with Vyncs Groups even when you aren’t in the car
  • Accidental/impact detection alerts included


  • SIM card included
  • Two-minute easy setup
  • Gas station finder for better fuel economy
  • Uses vehicle as power source


  • Some reviewers have criticized customer support
  • Complicated interface for some users
  • Some reviewers report hit or miss tracking

Pricing: $79.99

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