As a part of the IoT, using GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring remotely is becoming popular nowadays, and interest in vehicle tracking in Bangladesh has increased vastly recently.

In 2016, with a vision to re-innovate the GPS Tracking Industry in Bangladesh, Easytrax started its’ journey as a GPS Tracking Service Provider in Bangladesh. Since then, Easytrax has got lots of responses from consumers, and its customer base is rapidly growing. In October 2017, Easytrax was awarded a BTRC License to provide Vehicle Tracking Services in Bangladesh, thus it’s a government-approved GPS Tracking Service provider. In January 2018, Easytrax started its’ services commercially in full swing. 

On June 26, 2018, Easytrax took the lead to arrange a meetup with other BTRC Licensed Vehicle Tracking Companies in Bangladesh. The companies include Finder, NITS, Nexdecade, BDCOM, M2M, and Bondstein. The objective was to work together with the same ambition for the growing Telematics Industry in Bangladesh.

Another meeting will be held soon, and the Licensed Vehicle Tracking Service Providers who were not present at the 1st meeting are requested to join the next meeting.

Vehicle Tracking Service License Sheet:

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