We have a team of experienced software developers and industry experts ready to provide you with a customized solution. Alternatively, we can offer basic, low cost and easy-to-use systems with functionality such as real and historic location and journey reports, as well as standard functions such as alerts and geofencing. Map view screen with Google Maps support with full street addressing, map journey replay, and comprehensive reports.

The GPS Tracking Device industry is coming into its own from a technical perspective.  A couple of the more sophisticated companies, like Vehicle Tracking Solutions, have truly made the transition from hardware-centric companies to modern cloud-based software firms. They are helping organizations ensure that their vehicle and equipment assets increase profitability, reduce risk and drive profitability. While the contributing issues are complex and numerous, the solution for the consumer is rather simple. Find a company and sales/business executive that is truly willing to work with you to map your overall fleet management needs to their solution and tell you the truth. For example, would an integrated Vehicle Maintenance module help your mechanics or would a Driver Scorecard benefit your safety and insurance goals? There is no right or wrong answer. It is all about defining your optimal needs on the front end. This will ensure that your efforts are focused on the right model and the right solutions.

GPS Tracking Devices software should not be different from any other modern software you consume. Hopefully, these questions will enable you to compare apples to apples so you can make a sound business decision.  Due to the number of frustrated clients moving to VTS from other products we are becoming quite knowledgeable when it comes to the numerous less-than-transparent pricing models in the industry. Tracking Solutions can combine GPS tracking data with other data sources to provide you with easy-to-understand views of your business that require your attention.  For example, should unauthorized/cash jobs be suspected,  Tracking Solutions can compare your job booking system with vehicle journey data, to summarise for you extended stops at unknown locations.  This type of solution filters out the information you already know about and highlights situations that require your focus.

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