Best Car GPS Trackers for 2024

GPS tracker for cars! What is it? Simply put, it is the best possible measure to monitor and protect your car from accidents, theft, and other mishaps.

With the introduction of these amazing GPS tracking devices for vehicles, now you can rest assured and monitor, safeguard, and track your vehicle without any restrictions.

Sounds amazing, right?

To help you invest in the right GPS tracker, we have crafted a comprehensive guide on the best GPS tracker for cars, along with the pros and cons. It will help you make an informed decision.

However, before diving deep into the list, let us first understand what a GPS tracker for cars is.

Secure your car and gain peace of mind with EasyTrax, the best GPS tracking solution that provides real-time location updates and advanced anti-theft features. Effortlessly track your car’s whereabouts, monitor driving behavior, and receive instant alerts, ensuring optimal security and safety for your vehicle.


– A comprehensive set of features for both individual users and businesses.
– Robust fleet management tools, including route monitoring and real-time fuel management.
– Advanced features like intelligent GPS electronic lock for asset protection.
– Easy online sign-up process and a network of nationwide distributors.
– Affordable pricing options and potential cost savings for clients.


– Performance may be affected in areas with poor network coverage
– Limited international availability

Things to Consider When Shopping for a GPS Tracker for Cars

Subscription Cost: In addition to the cost of the tracker, in most instances you will need to pay a subscription fee. Most long-term users will want to consider the annual subscription options for potential big savings.

Battery Life: A GPS tracker will only report as long as there is power, so keeping an eye on your battery levels is key to consistent reporting. Battery life will vary from user to user. As a general rule of thumb, the more often the device reports, the shorter the lifespan.

All of the battery-powered trackers we tested come equipped with low-battery alerts—so we suggest setting that trigger during the installation process to save headaches later. The OBD-II and hardwiring options remove this issue entirely, using the car’s battery as the source of power.

Desired Use: When purchasing a GPS tracker, it is essential to consider what you are tracking and what insight you’d like to obtain. Hardwired options are for vehicle use only; battery-powered products provide tracking solutions for all your belongings.

Some products are clearly designed with industry fleets in mind, toting impressive reporting dashboards and a steep learning curve. Others use simple, stylized interfaces and anxiety-reducing features like SOS buttons and fuel-level monitors. Consider your needs and buy accordingly.

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