Top 5 Best GPS Trackers for Bikes in Bangladesh

1. Easytrax World

Easytrax is Bangladesh Govt. Approved and Licensed vehicle Tracking Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Easytrax is Bangladesh Govt. Approved and Licensed vehicle Tracking Service Provider by BRTC and a Founder Member vehicle Tracking Service Provider Association of Bangladesh.

Easytrax GPS Tracking always believes in long term relationships with their customer with the best customer experience.

2. Nexdecade Tracker

The Nexdecade tracker offered by Nexdecade Technology (Pvt) Ltd., comprises a series of GPS tracking solutions tailored to serve a broad range of vehicles and vessels. The BDN800 model features an array of advanced functionalities, including real-time tracking, emergency engine blocking, history playback, ODO meter reading, and a substantial 5-year replacement warranty.

For those seeking reliability, the BDN600 option offers real-time tracking, emergency engine blocking, an SOS alarm, and a 3-year replacement warranty. BDN200 CAR caters specifically to four-wheeler vehicles with real-time tracking, emergency engine blocking, geo-fence alerts, and a 1-year replacement warranty.

Meanwhile, the BDN200 is intended for motorbikes and CNG vehicles, offering essential tracking features and a 1-year replacement warranty. Although specific pricing details are not provided, the Nexdecade tracker product range ensures a versatile selection to accommodate diverse tracking requirements.

3. Finder GPS Tracking

Finder GPS Tracking, a service provided by Monico Technologies Ltd, a sister concern of Monico Ltd, has firmly established itself as a leading GPS tracking service provider in Bangladesh since its launch in 2011. With recognition as the ‘First Vehicle Tracking Service’ operator by BTRC and enlistment by the Survey of Bangladesh for local map development, Finder offers a reliable and fully licensed service.

It delivers fundamental features like real-time location monitoring, ignition alerts, geofencing, and speed alerts, addressing standard tracking needs. What distinguishes Finder are its unique features, which include the ‘SOS Button’ for emergencies and the ‘PUSH-PULL SERVICE,’ enabling offline tracking when internet connectivity is unavailable.

The registration process is straightforward, offering five distinct packages with prices ranging from 4,500 BDT to 12,000 BDT, along with monthly service charges ranging from 300 BDT to 500 BDT.

4. Infolink GPS Tracker

The Infolink GPS Tracker offers a diverse range of tracking solutions for businesses and individuals. The Smart GPS Tracker, featuring plug-and-play OBD port connectivity, leverages GSM, GPRS, and GPS technologies for precise tracking, making it an ideal choice for leased vehicles and large fleets. It provides live tracking, engine status monitoring, and speed alerts.

The Lite GPS Tracker is designed for various vehicles and offers stability with its wide voltage range. It includes features like remote fuel cutoff, geo-fencing, and overspeed monitoring. The Standard GPS Tracker is a high-end multifunctional solution supporting door status detection, two-way communication, and SOS calls, perfect for fleet management.

The Personal GPS Tracker, powered by solar energy, is suitable for cargo, ships, and employee-owned vehicles. It combines GPS and LBS positioning for real-time tracking. Lastly, the Plug and Play GPS Tracker discreetly integrates into a USB charger, providing real-time GPS location and audio monitoring. The Smart, Lite, Standard, Personal, and Plug and Play GPS Trackers provide diverse features, catering to both individual and fleet tracking needs.

5. Skytracker

The Skytracker, a state-of-the-art GPS tracker, offered in collaboration with Concox, a renowned GPS device manufacturer known for their high-quality products, boasts a comprehensive array of features and technical specifications suitable for personal and business use. With real-time tracking, users gain the ability to monitor their vehicle’s live location, speed, and route through a user-friendly mobile interface.

Remote engine control adds an extra layer of security, allowing users to turn off the vehicle’s engine remotely. The provision of trip reports, voice monitoring, over-speed alerts, power cut alerts, geofencing, and an emergency button enhances real-time monitoring and security.

The pricing, set at TK 350 for a monthly package, encompasses an extensive feature set, including 24/7 customer support and a 1-year warranty, making the Skytracker a reliable and cost-effective choice for GPS tracking needs.

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