Top 10 Best Car GPS Trackers for 2024

A GPS car tracker can give you real peace of mind, but the best can do more than simply tell you where your car is. We’ve put eight to the test, and named the one you should spend your money on…

1. Easytrax World

Easytrax is Bangladesh Govt. Approved and Licensed vehicle Tracking Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Easytrax is Bangladesh Govt. Approved and Licensed vehicle Tracking Service Provider by BRTC and a Founder Member vehicle Tracking Service Provider Association of Bangladesh.

Easytrax GPS Tracking always believes in long term relationships with their customer with the best customer experience.

2. WINNER — TruTrak FMT100

This device fits to your car’s 12V battery. It doesn’t need charging, it’s hidden and it will fit any vehicle.
The sign-up process is simple, you don’t need to buy a separate SIM card and there’s a real person you can speak to on the phone who’ll activate the unit in minutes. The phone app shows live location, detailed tracking history and driving style, and you can set alerts for speed and the car entering set areas. Very effective, yet simple and well priced — it’s our winner.

3. RECOMMENDED — Carlock Advanced Real-Time Tracker

This tracker fits into your car’s OBD port, but you might need the extra (£9) extension cable too, because it’s quite chunky to install. It’ll alert you when your car is started or exceeds a pre-set speed limit, and offers simple location and journey tracking. The app is the best here for ease of use and functionality. If the monthly fee were lower, it would have received five stars.

4. Shield GPS

The Shield GPS requires a separate SIM card, but once you’ve prised the device open and slotted the card in, it’s easy to get working. The app has journey tracking and live location features, plus it allows you to set speed alerts and geofence certain areas. The device is a great price and the monthly fee is reasonable — especially if you pay annually, which gives you a discount.

5. iTrack FS100

This uses the same hardware as the TruTrak and offers many of the same features, including a useful app with full tracking information, geofencing features, speed alerts and more. Set-up is straightforward, and because the device is connected to the car’s 12V battery, it doesn’t need recharging and is hidden away out of sight. Only the high purchase price lets it down.

6. Amatrac AM-T22

There’s no subscription to the Amatrac; you just have to pay for a SIM card so it can send and receive data. Set-up was fraught; it took a while to link it with the SIM card, and there’s no customer service phone number — only an email address. Once working, it offers live tracking, historic journey data and alerts, but the app isn’t as intuitive as the best here.

7. Streetwize GPS tracker

This tracker comes with a SIM pre-installed if you buy it off the shelf, so it’s easy to get up and running. There’s no monthly contract, but it must be topped up with at least £10 every 120 days to keep it active. It’s quite basic; it just gives a live location via text message when you ask for it, but you can get extra functions if you’re willing to pay more. It needs to be charged every month or so, unless you attach it to your 12V battery with the supplied cables.

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