What is the best type of GPS tracker?

Here are the 4 most common types of GPS tracking and how each one can relate to you.

  • Wearable GPS Trackers
  • Vehicle GPS Trackers
  • Asset GPS Trackers
  • Cellphone GPS Trackers

Wearable GPS Tracker

Wearable GPS trackers are exactly what they sound like. It’s a GPS tracker that is wearable and can be attached to some type of clothing. You’ll find that wearable GPS devices are used with animals, small children, those traveling, and more. Many people like these types of trackers because they can fit anywhere such as a keychain or pocket flashlight

One of the most common wearable GPS trackers is a dog collar GPS tracker. These devices use GPS technology to help owners locate missing dogs. Wearable trackers are also becoming more common for kids to have when out and about. These devices may include the ability to talk with other device users and can even store local games on the devices.

Wearable trackers are great for those looking to easily track an item or person with little to no-frills.

Vehicle GPS Tracker

If you work in any form of transportation services, then you know how vital GPS services are. These devices can help you manage your fleet and improve your services. Commercial vehicle GPS trackers are often combined with fleet tracking software to manage dispatch services, cost reporting, and track driver behavior.

There are three main types of vehicle GPS Trackers:

  • Mobile GPS
  • Plug-in Play GPS
  • Wired GPS/ELD

Mobile GPS devices use a combination of software and the GPS located in their mobile device t track drivers. Plug-in and play devices connect using the onboard diagnostics connector and provide more accurate readings of driver data (such as idle time, harsh braking, etc.,). Wired GPS devices are secured to the vehicles and are usually connected to the engine. Wired GPS devices are usually designed to give the most accurate information on location, vehicle health, and driver behavior.

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Asset GPS Trackers

Asset GPS trackers are designed to track tools and equipment on a job site. These devices come in many different types and feature different capabilities. Commonly referred to as equipment trackers, asset GPS devices can be secured or placed on an item and provide real-time tracking. Cheaper options provide you with the ability to track tools within specific geolocation. You’d be notified when an object left or returned to a specific location. Asset GPS trackers can be applied to virtually any tool or piece of equipment if you choose the right tracker for the job.

Cellphone GPS Tracker

Last, but not least, most mobile devices contain a GPS within them. A person will install an app on their phone to track their whereabouts. This technology uses cellular data to help locate the device. This has led to a revolution in both the smartphone and GPS technology. Commercial and private individuals use cellphone GPS trackers as many are free of charge. While these services do provide robust directions, they do not provide any information on the car or driver’s behavior.

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