Top 10 Best Fleet Management Companies

Fleet management refers to the comprehensive administration of a company’s vehicle fleet, encompassing tasks such as vehicle acquisition, maintenance, tracking, optimization of fuel efficiency, driver management, and overall operational efficiency. The primary goal is to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and ensure the safety and compliance of the fleet.

1. Enterprise Fleet Management

You’ve heard of Enterprise – maybe you’ve rented one of their cars on your last vacation or used one of their vans to move across town. For all their name recognition, the Enterprise Fleet Management division isn’t quite as well known – and that’s a shame because, as the self-proclaimed world’s largest fleet operator, they have plenty of experience organizing, maintaining, and purchasing vehicles across a wide array of legal and geographical regions.

If you work with Enterprise, you’ll be paired with a client strategy manager, who will leverage the company’s many data solutions and analytical tools to help give your fleet a leg up. With so much expertise and technology at your disposal, your fleet will thrive.

2. EasyTrax World

Easytrax GPS Tracking always believes in long term relationships with their customer with the best customer experience.

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3. Fleetio

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing solution to your fleet management needs, try Fleetio. Designed to be intuitive, streamlined, and automated, this software platform is ideal for bringing together the most pertinent analytics and performance data into one easy-to-use program. The features and scalability are such that it’s a compelling option for everyone from small businesses to large enterprises.

The diverse array of Fleetio clients – including customers from industries like construction, landscaping, freight hauling, and delivery – further support their claim of being an all-in-one management tool. Want a taste of what Fleetio can offer your business? Try one of their free fleet management tools.

4. Motive

How does a 22 percent reduction in accidents sound? What about cutting your insurance premiums by a quarter? These are just the average results of customers who sign with Motive, one of the largest fleet management service providers. Serving over 120,000 diverse clients, Motive brings cutting-edge technology to the table, pushing solutions like AI-integrated dashcams and real-time telematics software.

Bringing this level of transparency to operators allows for better data collection and a more complete window into the everyday realities of the drivers, haulers, and truckers comprising your fleet – all while improving safety, lowering costs, and simplifying reporting. If that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is.

5. Geotab

Another great option for fleets is Geotab. The name of the game at this provider is compliance, optimization, sustainability, and safety, and one of the most exciting elements of their operation is their support of electric vehicle fleets. If you’ve been thinking of going electric, Geotab’s EV suitability assessment can help you determine its viability using data rather than a hunch. Their solutions for improving operational efficiencies and enabling additional hardware and software integration further make this an attractive option.

The size and scope of Geotab support its wide-ranging services. Each day the company claims to process over 55 billion data points. That data comes from the 100 million miles of driving Geotab customers do daily. They’ve helped municipalities save money through better fleet management and have enabled global customers to make the transition to EVs. This breadth of solutions and support earns them a place on our list.

6. Element Fleet

Looking for help building your armada of trucks or vehicles? Element Fleet can help. Distinguishing their offerings is an emphasis on vehicle acquisition, including solutions for both financing and registering new additions to your fleet. They also offer a robust consulting arm, where their experts work directly with you to help create a custom management approach for best optimizing your operation. It’s a level of personalized service that further helps Element Fleet stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Their solutions have attracted clientele from various public and private industries. Companies operating in everything from the energy to the healthcare sectors have turned to Element Fleet for their expertise and support, making them a top choice for any company looking to improve their fleet management practices.

7. Onfleet

Last-mile delivery solutions, fleet management software, global reach – that’s all part of the Onfleet success story. The company operates in over 90 different countries and claims to have enabled over 125 million deliveries since its inception. Onfleet customers include regional heavyweights like Kroger grocery stores to national brands like Zumiez, Gap, and Sweetgreen.

Their appeal lies in their end-to-end strategy, which relies on several innovative logistics features to get your company’s products into customers’ hands quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. You can use their technology to streamline your operations while keeping customers happy through robust tracking options and other built-in transparency features. It’s an approach that earns nothing but praise from our team.

8. NexTraq

Fleet tracking is the bread and butter of NexTraq. In fact, rather than offer the all-in-one solutions many other providers are known for, NexTraq doubles down on providing the ultimate tracking management solutions for your needs. This specialization helps them stand out from the crowd and cater to a clientele who may not need a total holistic solution.

NexTraq approaches fleet tracking from four angles: driver safety, fleet visibility, mobile workforce, and maintenance and compliance. These four solutions all rely on the company’s robust GPS fleet management solutions, which strive to provide clients with real-time insights and maximum vehicle uptime. From their testimonials, it appears the company has had no issues helping customers meet – and exceed – those goals.

10. Serco

For Serco, there’s no fleet too big – a claim it can credibly make thanks to its 25-plus years of providing the American and Canadian militaries with fleet maintenance. After you’ve maintained specialized military equipment that must be ready at a moment’s notice, you become adept at providing top-tier solutions.

Serco’s offerings are highly varied and universally cutting-edge, and they already have expertise in maintaining vehicles like electric and hybrid cars. Thanks to their centralized service, they can offer 24/7/365 workflow optimization and even handle parts and vendor management. Though they cater more toward government and utility customers, Serco also serves commercial organizations. If your business operates a large fleet and requires an enterprise-level maintenance and management solution, it’s hard to beat the Serco team.

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