Which is the best vehicle tracker in Bangladesh?

Best vehicle tracking system provider company in Bangladesh is EasyTrax World.

Easytrax World is an Internet of Things (IoT) company. We introduced innovative products and services under mobility and tracking verticals of IoT. We continuously strive to bring innovative services for our customers and partners. We are building the depth of our brand by introducing all types and versions of tracking and mobility solution to suit customers and partners need.

Secure Your Cars With Easytrax GPS Tracking Device

Effortlessly track and monitor both personal and official vehicles with our high-quality Tracking device, without any concerns about excessive costs.

Once you understand the processing gain of each part of the receiver, it is a small step to understand how to increase that gain and thus increase the sensitivity of the receiver. However, even if you are not designing a receiver, it is still important to understand the relationship between the signal strength at the antenna and the correlation response. This is because the measure of a high-sensitivity receiver is its ability to acquire and track weak signals. The only way to know how weak the signals actually are, in practice, is for the receiver to tell you, and the way the receiver knows is by back-calculating the signal strength from the measured height of the correlation response.

The receiver has no way of directly measuring the signal at the antenna or in the front end. Only after the receiver has created the correlation response does it have a measure of what the signal at the antenna was. Moreover, there is no such thing as a separate signal-strength meter that you can plug into a GPS antenna to measure the strength of the signals. The GPS receiver is the signal strength meter.

Key Benefits

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Improved Safety
  • Instant Alerts

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