DFM S7 Wireless fuel flow meter

DFM S7 Wireless fuel flow meter

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DFM S7 and DFM D S7 – hardware tool for direct fuel consumption measurement and monitoring flow of liquids with 1.5 to 6 mm2/s kinematic viscosity, also used for recording engine operation time and fuel/liquid flow time. DFM S7 wireless fuel flow meters are used in vehicle telematics (GPS/ GLONASS vehicle tracking), online monitoring systems of stationary engines, boilers/heaters, and as an stand-alone solution for fuel consumption monitoring.


Max pressure, bar 25
Interface Bluetooth 4.1
Tx power, dBm +4
Maximum distance between  fuel flowmeter and receiving device, m 15 m (if there are metal bulkheads at the installation site) 45 m (when installed in line-of-sight)
Battery life, years not less than 5
Operating temperature ºС -40…+85
Ingress protection rating (IP Сode) IP54



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