DUT-E S7 Wireless fuel level sensor

DUT-E S7 Wireless fuel level sensor

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DUT-E S7 wireless sensor allows to measure current fuel volume and its changes in a fuel tank. DUT-E S7 is used as a part of vehicle telematics system (GPS vehicle tracking system) and provides reliable information on remaining fuel volume, fuel tank fill-up and draining volumes and helps fleets to set up clear fuel accounting and prevent fuel theft from vehicle’s tank. DUT-E S7 wireless fuel level sensor is also used for fuel level monitoring in stationary tanks.

Wireless data transfer is carried out using S7 Technology via BLE channel. BLE signal from DUT-E S7 can be received by compatible vehicle tracking unit (telematics unit) and/or any Android device.

DUT-E S7 can also be used as a “night watchman” to alert driver on fuel theft from vehicle’s tank, for example, when resting at night parking.


Fuel level sensor operating principle Capacitive
Wireless data transfer interface Bluetooth 4.1
Tx Power, dBm +4
Rx sensitivity, dBm -88
Maximum distance between sensor and receiving device, m 10…20
(when mounted on a vehicle or inside a building)
up to 50
(when mounted within line-of-sight)
Number of BLE-compatible device receiving signal simultaneously Any number in DUT-E S7 transmitter’s operation range
Data transfer interval, s  5
Estimated lifetime of the sensor (battery life), years 5…10*
Temperature range, °C -30…+80












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